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Nothing makes us happier than to hear from our Happy Customers!

Jacque ElliotHi John,

I'm 55 years old and HATE to exercise but love being healthy and active soooo, purchased a Total Gym hoping against hope that I'd use it. Two years later I'm thinking, "This body sure needs to be firmed up. I ought to dust off that Total Gym and give it a try!" About that time I saw an infomercial with you mentioning your 6-8 minute workout. You were speaking my language so I went to your website and ordered the CD.

I'm thrilled to report that for the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying working out. You were so right, your process is do-able, enjoyable and my body IS trainable. I've had to be away from home recently for an extended period of time and all I can think of is getting back to my daily workout with John on my Total Gym!

Thanks for creating this great product. You have solved my lifelong exercise dilemma.

warmest regards,
Jacque Elliott

Dear John-

I was so nervous about speaking up at the call last night I did not even say my name!  I am Sue Brown. I mentioned that I too had a back injury in my past. I have been a Total Gym owner for over 2 years and did follow the exercise program that came along with the Total Gym-on various occasions I had stopped and started the program for lack of time and boredom with the routine. I did see some improvement in muscle tone but many times I felt muscle fatigue and that did not really motivate me to continue.

After seeing you on an infomercial for the Total Gym talking about your 6-8 minute workout I went right to your web site and ordered it! I have always enjoyed the challenge of the Total Gym but never stuck to a program I have just completed my third week with your AMAZING 6-8 minutes! I enjoy having the format you have setup to view the DVD and exercise along with you-your are a true motivator and I feel GREAT! I see such a difference already-I feel have a balanced workout that has led to muscle strength I have never experienced before with the more vigorous (and lengthy) workout!

The biggest difference is in my posture and overall sense of well being!


I am looking forward to being on your next call!

Sue Brown

Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me so quick! I know you must be really busy...but I really am grateful for your time. I'll be listening to your tele seminar Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to it. That's great news about the tape!

I'm the mom of 5, and it's not in my budget to buy a Total Gym. I found the bodyworks machine at a yard sale, and it was only 35.00. It didn't come with any instructions, so I had hoped your tape would work with it.

Again, thanks so much for your email! I'll send you a before and after when I reach my goal. (if that's okay)  You have such a wonderful testimony, and I'm glad I found out about your program.

Have a blessed day!
Diana Tingle :o)

Hi John,

Thanks so much for keeping me on your email list. Your messages are very much appreciated at a rather challenging time in my live. Your positive encouragement is a gift and I'm very grateful.


Lynne Harrison

Good Morning!

Thank you for the informative teleconference!

I began your workout 6-8 minutes a day last week already I see an improvement!  I love my Total Gym but had become bored with my workout and really didn't always find or take the time to do the whole 20 minutes or more. I feel that your method is creating a balance in my muscle groups that previously were not balanced-I will be 50 this year and feel much younger than that. I too sustained a back injury about 10 years ago and I have been looking for a more effective workout to strengthen my core and stabilize my back. I look forward to next months call and hope to incorporate your suggestions into my fitness lifestyle. I too want to get better with age and stave off some of the associated problems.

My very best to you. I look forward to kayaking this year and keeping up with the "big boys"!

Sue Brown


My wife and I got the trainer last fall and had been doing some of the routine exercises....... While my wife had seen the Total Trainer ads, we went shopping and actually got the Bayou Fitness Pro trainer because I'm tall and the longer track and bench looked like they would work better for me.

We did however order the training CD's from the Total Trainer site.

I'm 57, was a college basketball player and college swimmer and swimming coach and have tried to stay reasonably physically active and in shape all my life.

After just a few sessions, I could tell that I was getting more results in terms of upper body strength just from using the trainer than any other training method that I had tried.

I found your exercises on the total trainer CD and started them a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical as an athlete and coach that such a short duration program could accomplish much. In the first week, I noticed that I was feeling better than from any workout I had ever done. That means more flexible and stronger and more energized without feeling beat up. I found myself wanting to do more in terms of activity during the day.

I find myself going for a bike ride or walk or just working on a project because I feel like it..... not because I know I should.

I found your web site and ordered your updated tapes that we can follow along with each day.

This is the first exercise program that my wife has ever done on her own initiative or truly enjoys.

And there is a simple reason...... she doesn't like to sweat..... and any other program seemed like too much effort for the results that she got. You can do this in your street clothes. You feel the results beginning the first day. It's hard to believe that would be possible.

I think that until someone tries your program, they would not believe that what you claim is possible. We are two weeks into the program so we have no way of knowing what the long term effects will be, but two things I do know. It will be easy to continue because of the low time commitment and we will want to continue because we can feel the results every day. We now look forward to the time "with you."

I can tell that there is a lot of science and experience in the level of effort, sequence of exercises, and precision of form of exercises that contributes to the effect of the whole program.

I want to thank you for taking the time to share that knowledge. It has undoubtedly taken a lifetime for you to get to this point in understanding the body and keeping it strong and it's like magic for the people you share it with. I'm anticipating looking back a few months from now to see how our lives are different.

Thanks so much.
Michael Mann

Hi John,

I had wanted a Total Gym for quite a while, but I had already bought several different pieces of exercise equipment and didn't want to buy another. Some are good and were used a great deal. Others were a waste of money. The last was the hand weight or dumbell system from Soloflex. They came with a 10 minute a day, 6 day a week program. It was great, but I suffered from severe tendonitis. Every time I tried to increase weight, I had to take time off. After Christmas a year ago I bought the 1500 Total Gym on an impulse at a local store. I noticed that my elbows didn't hurt and were strengthening. I was using the workout that came with the machine. After I hurt my elbows and shoulders again doing yard work, went to a physical therapy center using the ART system. The results were good. At the same time I was looking for a ten minute a day workout.

I found your program on the Total Gym site. I bought it. This system works so well because I walk my two dogs each morning at 6am. Exercising right after is ideal. At just 10 (or 6-8) minutes per day, it is difficult to blow it off. After all, how can you not have the time or strength to do just three exercises? Plus, it becomes part of your daily routine. I've been doing it for about five or six months. What a difference. I feel good. My muscles are toned and I am more flexible. At the end of summer, if I am still on track, I will purchase the 3000.

Thanks for the program!!

I have subscribed to your newsletter as well. By the way I am 56 years old. I have a VHS tape of your program. You have a woman doing some of the exercises. Is the DVD offered on your site the same or somewhat different?  I'm glad for this opportunity to tell you about how happy I am with your workout.

Ray LeRoy
Medina, OH

Hi John,

Well, I have had a Total Gym for years in my basement. Unfortunately, it is collecting dust. I have used it on and off...but never really stuck with it.

I am 47 years old and really want to utilize it. I'm really looking forward to receiving your DVD.

Best regards,
Joe Warmbrodt

I LOVE your program!

I did lose inches! I measured last Sunday for the first time and again yesterday and although the scale hasn't moved, I lost inches!!

2 more questions if I may:

I really like my treadmill, but understand what you are saying about aerobic exercise retarding muscle growth. What would you suggest to incorporate the treadmill without sacrificing muscle tone?

25 -30 grams of protein per meal! Hmmmmm.....any suggestions how to obtain this amount? Do you suggest supplements? (I've never taken any except for a multi-vitamin and calcium).

Thank your for a GREAT program and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Warm regards,

Melanie Wong

Dear John,

Please send me info on cancer to prevent it in my life. My mom is a breast cancer survivor.


PS I love your newsletters. They really inspire me. Thanks for caring. I also love my Total Gym. Thanks
for that, too.

Bonnie Delvaux

Hi John,

My name is Ken McNulty. I have been using the Total Gym along with your 6 to 8 minute workouts. I really have been seeing great results! I had a quick question I hope you can help me with. I wanted to know if I need to incorporate more cardio during the week or if the amount that is in your workouts provides enough without having to spend more time with it?

Thank you
Ken McNulty

Mr. Carleo,

I would like to personal thank you for your message this week. I share you views not only because I think that they are a purely positive influence in this crazy success driven world but also because I'm a Christian. Much of what you say is how I live my life and it's sure great to see someone like yourself sharing this attitude to the world.

Steve Hoover


Great stuff. Again, great words and good work and I appreciate you a lot.

You do great work and keep it up....

Thank you,
Kevin Jackson


Thanks for your inspiring example of fitness and for your motivational instruction to help others achieve the same! Your 6-8 minute workout video has helped me maintain a good level of fitness during a necessary seasonal break from my gym. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and I found it surprisingly challenging for such short daily workouts!! I also look forward to trying your 20 minute workout soon!! May God bless your continued endeavors to inspire and instruct people to get into shape, and may God's grace and strength be with you in your personal future fitness challenges!!

Best wishes to you,

Hi John,

Thanks for your newsletter. I really enjoy it. I also use your workout on my Total Gym. Recently I injured myself, back elbow tendon and shoulder. I have doing some non-equipment stretching and exercises from my chiropractor until I'm ready to add resistance. I am 58 years old and before my injury was in better shape than I've been in years thanks to your program.


Hi John,

I like the ease of the 6 to 8 minute no equipment cd because it can be done anywhere and any time and with out hurting yourself. I was able to customize my workout due to my back injuries. It is also great for those who cannot afford expensive equipment. Thank you for you contribution to the health of me and many others.

Karen Brennen

Thanks, John!

You are into some very good and workable methods for persons wanting maximum impact in a minimum of time. I very much appreciate what you are doing, keep up the good work!

Gene Frink

Love the 6-8 minute exercise video. I'm not a person who likes to exercise but when it's just 6-8mins a day, it's pretty hard to say I have no time to exercise. Even if I'm feeling lazy, I have to say to myself.......surely I can do 8 mins. and know I'm done for the day.

This video keeps me motivated.......

thanks John for that!

(regarding the 6-8 Minute No-Equipment Video...)

I love it. Use it all the time when I'm traveling. Most hotel gyms don't have exactly what I need (specifically a Total Gym and a Stability Ball), so your video is perfect. Keeps me consistent when I'm away so when I return home, it's no big deal to hop right back into my regular routine.

Bill Spahr
Newburgh, NY



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